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Creative Directors Melinda Gee and Jane Pickering joined forces in 2006 to form NYC-based Lionhare Design. They’ve collaborated for nearly 2 decades to help medical communication agencies develop impactful materials and educational initiatives for the pharmaceutical industry. Lionhare devises communications that reach both healthcare professionals and their patients and never loses sight of the ultimate goal: to deliver effective messages that improve patient outcomes. They approach design as visual problem solving, professionalizing content, whether educational or promotional, that connects with audiences. Lionhare likes smart design.
Jane brings top detail to print and production projects at Lionhare. As VP, Creative Services for AM Medica and NCM Publishers she oversaw educational campaigns for major product launches including Prozac, Lipitor, and Viagra. Jane brings the same enthusiasm and attention to detail to projects of any size. With an eye for fashion and a habit for puzzles, this ballet-enthusiast can deftly tailor a monograph, newsletter, or journal supplement to fit effortlessly and read gracefully. Jane is a tenacious problem solver and brings a cost effective savvy to all stages of a design lifecycle.
Melinda's favorite part of the design process is distilling content to its most essential messaging—a minimalist at heart. Her work creates a visual experience that is both thoughtful and impactful, drawing on her digital design skills and quiet love for brilliant infographics, clever copywriting, and new technologies. She holds a BA in Visual Arts from Brown University and has advanced graphic art and web development training from the Rhode Island School of Design and The New School. In addition to print and branding design, Melinda works hand-in-hand with clients on digital design and development.


Branding & Identity

We approach branding with the same fundamental principles of all effective design: keep it simple, make it memorable, and be timeless, versatile and appropriate. Whether it's time for a rebrand or an entire identity system, we've got you covered from discovery through implementation. Our cohesive and consistent visuals can grow with your brand. Wouldn't it be great if your logo could speak for you...or your program?!

Graphic Design

Increase reader interest in your content with solid contextual design. We create print and digital collateral material to suit your project and/or branding needs: event invitations, promotional materials, monographs, educational toolkits, booth exhibits, custom print pieces, and more. We also work with clients to develop graphic visuals for new business proposals. Stand out with an impressionable visual or leave-behind!

Web Design

We help our clients engage with their fastest growing audience: their online community. Our digital communications' capabilities include: online graphics, banners, landing pages, multi-page sites, responsive layouts, as well as html emails. We collaborate with our clients' editorial teams, usability researchers, back-end developers, and marketing teams to bring the goals of the site to the fore, with a clean and intuitive design that is functionally successful. If it's going live, do it right.

Front-End Development

We work with our clients in whatever capacity best fits their overall workflow. We can handle the design phase, or we can develop the working web pages as well. We keep the same careful eyes on your final design, and ensure the front-end deliverables remain true to the approved layouts. Development capabilities include: HTML5 + CSS3 / XHTML + CSS coded with Javascript, JQuery, CMS Integration and eCommerce.


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